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Macrame is an ancient technique of creating specific nodes. It dates from the 13th century and is very popular today.

 The nodes can be flat or in volume. The word macrame derives from the Arabic word “migramah” (fringe) or / and the Turkish word “makrama” and translates “handkerchief” into French. In Europe, this art of the macrame knot developed first in Spain, then in Italy (more particularly in the region of Liguria) and finally in all Europe.

Macrame can be used to make bracelets, necklaces, clothes, bags, curtains and more.

In this article we will be interested in macrame in the form of suspended wall decoration. You will see that it is a pretty easy technique to perform and that gives very nice results! Usually, designers use string or string made of cotton, wool, leather, etc. The technique of macrame has evolved.

For the realization of the beautiful macrame suspension above, you will need:

one or more balls of wool or cotton or nylon – the number varies depending on the size of the desired suspension
branch or wooden stick or bar



Since the macrame has come back and become one of the great trends of decoration, I wanted to start and realize myself a small weave for my home. Personally I love this very bohemian inspiration that smells good the seventies and I love taking on creative (and decorative) challenges. If you follow me on Instagram, you already know all that!

Lack of time and in-depth knowledge on the subject, the project was relegated to the background. Until I put in my head that it was absolutely necessary to dress the separation between the kitchen and the stay while keeping the natural luminosity between the two rooms. So here it was obvious: the solution was to put a curtain macramé. YES! But how to realize it?

While looking for inspirations on Pinterest, I came across the tutorial of the blog A beautiful Mess and I decided to follow it. But I still wanted to make a “unique piece”. I decided to customize my weaving according to my desires. By making a few different points, but with ease. A little unexpected! And if I did like that? And if I put some wooden beads?

After doing and undoing a few times, I managed my home made macrame. It’s just a first, but I’m very happy with the result that I share with you with great pleasure.


We chose the special

cotton macrame number 3 cable, very soft, natural and rustic. It took me 7 coils of about 30 meters for this weaving. I cut 5 m of thread (42 times) to put 2 by 2, forming 21 columns in total. I also bought a package of mini wooden beads. And I started without being sure of winning my bet! …

Not bad for a beginner, right? Ok, I’m not ready yet for your orders (I’m getting a little joke, huh?).

But in return, I give you my pipes to make your curtain if you feel like it. And yes, I’m ready to start again. Maybe a weaving for a wedding or birthday photobooth … Aha! She already has ideas in mind that one. But before that, I believe that I will still undo part of the curtain to dare a more irregular model like wall weaving. But not right away, I’ll let you know.



  • And yes, after cranes and paper flowers, here I am immersed in the world of macrame …

    It comes back in force lately, we see a little everywhere … This gives a bohemian side to your home, it comes in wall hanging in your living room as much as headboard.

    We also see many in suspension for plants.

    My little loulou offered me for my birthday kit Iwwi in which you find a ball of rope, a wooden ring as a hook and especially all the necessary explanations of the various basic nodes and specifically all the steps to achieve the suspension.

    He added in my package a few wooden balls to decorate it.

    We have the idea to make a piece of plant wall in our kitchen.

    This will be my first achievement for this project.

    I recently discovered Natalie Miller who combines macrame style and weaving in color.

    The person who made me want to really put myself in it is Julie Eye See who makes it very beautiful.

    In addition to her beautiful creations, she has a blog where she shares tutos of painting customization on furniture and lately macramé.